Wibotec A/S
Fabrikvej 19
DK-8800 Viborg
Tlf: +45 8725 1120
FAX: +45 8661 4713
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Welcome the Wibotec website

New improved one man Cut-Out tool, that saves you time on each job.
The system is already in use by a number of major fitting companies around Europe.

Please click at the link below, to see the Cut-Out and our different wires for the tool including the thin triangular wire.
Our program includes tools,accessories and all other materials for the professional autoglass business. All our products are developed, designed and tested by specialist .

We are looking forward to meet you, and would be very pleased to make an appointment.
Please send an email to Anders Sørensen as@wibotec.com and let us know when you plan to visit us ( day and time) and we will arrange a meeting. Or call us at +45 87251120

We are looking forward to see you during the fair.

Best regards
Anders Sørensen
Wibotec A/S