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NEW - Cut-Out video


Video number 1

The first video shows, how the fitter prepare the repair-set to repair of the windscreen.

Lengths: 17 sec.

Size: 4,4 mb.

Video number 2

Cleaning the windscreen and preparing bright to begin the repair.

Lengths: 20 sec.

Size: 5,3 mb



Video number 3

Balance the repair bridge, screws and the injector.

Lengths: 34 sec

Size: 9,2 mb

Video number 4

See the process of insert the Resin into the repair bridge.

Lengths: 33 sec.

Size: 8,8 mb


Video number 5

See how to make the pressure on the injector and warm up the inside of the windscreen.

Lengths: 43 sec.

Size: 11 mb

Video number 6

See how you prepare the stone impact on the sealing proces.

Lengths: 18 sec.

Size: 4,8 mb.

Video number 7

See how you seal and hardening the stone impact.

Lengths: 31 sec.

Size: 8,3 mb.


Video number 8

See the proces of removing the Resin of windscreen.

Lengths: 45 sec.

Size: 12 mb.


Video number 9

The final part of the proces for reparing the stone impact.

Lengths: 32 sec.

Size: 8,6 mb