Wibotec A/S
Fabrikvej 19
DK-8800 Viborg
Tlf: +45 8725 1120
FAX: +45 8661 4713
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Company adress


Wibotec A/S

Fabrikvej 19
DK-8800 Viborg
Tlf. +45 8725 1120
Fax. +45 8661 4713
Email: mail@wibotec.com

Wibotec contacts

Anders Sørensen
Anders Sorensen
Managing Director
Viggo Hansen Michael Østergaard
Viggo Hansen
Sale / Production
Michael Østergaard
Sale / Purchase

Bank Information

Bank name: Ringkobing Landbobank
Konto, DKK: 7670-0004447608
Konto, EUR: 7670-9453338
IBAN DK7176700004447608 (DKK)
IBAN DK2076700009453338 (EUR)



Wibotec was founded in the beginning of the 1980?s, and is today able to offer a most comprehensive programme of auto glass tools, accessories and materials to the professional. Wibotec has invented, developed or brought many new products since the beginning.

The range has been designed and tested by specialists in the auto glass business, which have an intimate knowledge. We can say it short: ?Made by professionals for professionals?

 Wibotec is looking to establish long-term mutual relationships with companies situated and operating in Europe . The purpose is to: Distribution of Wibotec tools, ensure continuous product development in general and partners to help in developing new solutions for auto glass repair and replacement

 We hope that this brochure will give you a flavour of who we are, what we do, and that you will agree that Wibotec is a name worth getting to know ? as a company with a dynamic portfolio, development and production.

Pictures from Wibotec's produktion and warehouse


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Payment terms

Delivery terms
Wibotec delivery time is from 1 to 2 weeks for the small orders bound for world wide. At the time of larger volumes, we can manufacture according to the required quantity.
The goods are been delivered in terms of ex works.
Order under 100 ? to world wide have to be paid over Wibotecs website.
Complaints can by send by mail to mail@wibotec.com or by phone to +45 8725 1120.
Wibotec A/S provides 14 days of return rights, when it has been brought over the Internet, return freight is for our own charge. In other terms we refer to the International law CISG.
You can read about the CISG terms at this address: